At the beginning of the  Albariño wine festival, no one could imagine the importance and impact that this event would have on the growth of the town, and to the boost of the the wine sector. Cambados grew with the wine party and cambadeses feel identified with it.  They owes too much to the wine and  wine party, that is why, Cambados is now known, nationally and internationally, as the Town of Albariño.

The history of Albariño Wine Festival starts in the 50's, when at a meeting of friends, among them were  Bernardino Quintanilla, Ernesto Zárate, Manuel Silva, José Rodiño e Francisco Fernández Aguiño and the first owner of a small vineyard in Tragove, challenged the landowner Zárate, owner of a large plantation in Padrenda, to check what was the best albariño. They decided to hold a competition in which each wine grower present their wine  to prove who was the best one.

The first competition was  private,  in 1953 on the estate of Ángel Botana Gómez.  Nine winemakers were presented  and fifty albariñenses constituted the jury of the first "Cata Prima" (tasting premium),  which selects the wines that deserve to qualify to overcome the rigors of Cata Postrera jury, where was only awarded José Rodiño Oubiña who, with a magnificent Albariño surprised his competitors. The following year was victorious Zárate, as in the following two events, always with Quintanilla in the  second position.



During the early years, the festival was held at the home of Ángel Botana, stepson of Ramón Cabanillas. The festival welcomed more and more followers and Botana house became too small, so the celebration was moved first, to the gardens of the  Ulloa Pazo, and later to  the Bazán Pazo. Today is the National Parador Albariño, to settle permanently since 2005 in the gardens of the Torrado Pazo.



At the begining, the party coincided with the procession of A Pastora,  but in the 60s, was moved to the first Sunday in August, To be sure to have a good weather.

Mayors collaborated personally, because the contest was a meal of friends where writers and intellectuals extolled the qualities of wine. In the 60s, the festival was opened to the participation of the people, and there was a renewal with parades of cars, public tastings in A Calzada, reading of the opening speech in Fefiñáns, and also  the festivals, sports and folklore in general. In 1965, Manuel Fraga Iribarne, newly appointed Minister of Information and Tourism, chaired the events which gave a great impact on the press of the time. The following year was restored the  Bazán pazo,  becoming Parador Nacional do Albariño.
Who at the time was the mayor, Joaquin Fole, decorated Fraga with the first “Folla de ouro” (an award of this event).


The creation of the "Capítulo Serenísimo" (brotherhood that defends Albariño wine culture) in1969,  represents an important image operation, much more important than it could be imagine at the begining.

This order allowed to named as "Cabaleiros" (with this appointment they become a sort of ambassador of Albariño Wine Festival),  characters as important as the French president Charles de Gaulle or the Argentine leader Juan Domingo Perón.

The program is expanding and the sport begins to be important in the festival. Since 1970, we held the trophy Cyclist Albariño, other disciplines such as football, canoeing, basketball or traditional key would be incorporated into subsequent editions, an also tasting contest, the international folklore festival and later other activities such as technical seminars, the festival of  Galician dance and chess tournament.

In 1977, for the first time is declared as Tourist  Interest Festival, celebrating its 25th anniversary. Declaration ratified in September 1990 when he was awarded the title of National Tourist Interest in accordance with the requirements of the new law.

In 1992, the designer Adolfo Domínguez designed the capes of the "Capítulo Serenísimo", this caused a new impetus,and a great advertisement for the party thanks to the importance of the designer.

In the 90, also born Albariño Hymn, composed by Xosé Lois Foxo, director of the Royal Band of the Diputación of Ourense. Fans of Albariño, fill the streets with color during the big week, with their shirts, leaving their stamp sarcastic slogans about  wine and party.

In 1996 Cambados entered in ACEVIN  (Spanish Association of Wine Cities) and RECEVIN, its European equivalent. In the same year, opens the Wine Route, nowadays established as one of the most popular routes for those who come to our town.

The wine festival benefits Cambados in an extraordinary way,several figures from the administration, people of the world of culture, artists, intellectuals and journalists,  comes, publicizing the Town and it also results in significant improvements to the Town of Albariño.

Highly relevant musical artists performed at the Festival of Abariño: Milladoiro, Raúl, Juan Perro, Ariel Roth, Gabinete Caligari, Carlos Núñez, Hevia, Sergio Dalma, King África, La Oreja de Van Gogh, Rosa, Chenoa y Bisbal, El Canto del Loco, Maná, Juanes, Diego Torres, Chayanne, Alejandro Sanz, Kate Ryan , David de María, Dover and  Julio Iglesias, were here in recent years.

The first Sunday of  August, takes place the Capítulo Serenísimo Parade, the parade of the guilds, and the parade of authorities, accompanied by folk groups.

The courtyard of the Pazo de Fefiñáns,  hosts the solemn investiture ceremony of “Damas e Cabaleiros do Albariño”, “Xóvenes Albariñenses” “Albariñenses de Honra” and “Follas de Prata” (awards to women and men from different spheres of society, culture, sport etc. These awards converted them into ambassadors of the Albariño Wine Festival)

After this event, the stately procession goes to Pazo de Torrado, where it takes place, the Albariño Meal, with the reading of the opening speech,  and where disclosed the name of the winning wines, an award that gives them international prestige.


According Plácido Castro wrote: "There is not a day  throughout the year, as noted, in the purely human, such as the Albariño Wine Festival in Cambados"